About the mentality of playing with shoes

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For "Batch shoes," the focus is on authenticity. For example, if the visual authenticity is below 80%, I would tell you "obviously fake" at a glance. If it's around 90%, I would say "quite similar, needs careful distinction." For batches with over 95% authenticity, I would tell you "probably only professionals can tell." That's it!

About Version Purchase

REAL vs Batch objective comparison rational purchase of shoes restore the eupper limit is the version of the factory decision is not the store to decide what version customers buy, what versio on we send

Different batches come from different factories, and the material details and prices are also different.

Please enjoy the different visual experiences brought by the four batches below.

PB Batch 

KZ Batch

R1 Batch

GX Batch

To simplify, replica shoes are divided into four levels: low imitation shoes, high imitation shoes, fine imitation shoes, and top imitation shoes.

Low imitation shoes : Due to poor workmanship and inconsistent materials with genuine products, they are easily recognized as fakes by most people, with a fake identification rate of over 90%. (I don't sell this type of batch).

High imitation shoes : Better workmanship than low imitation shoes, with slightly different materials from genuine products. At first glance, most people can't tell, but upon closer inspection, it can be seen (due to rougher material). It's a "look but don't use" type, with a fake identification rate of over 60%.

Fine imitation shoes : Workmanship is several levels higher than low and high imitation shoes, making it truly "batch shoes" in the real sense. The materials and shape are almost identical to genuine products, and even without careful observation, it's hard to tell the difference. Most people can't tell, with a fake identification rate of less than 5%. It offers the best value and is the minimum requirement for the shoes I sell.

Top imitation shoes : Excellent workmanship, modeled 1:1 after genuine products, consistent materials, fine polishing, and can achieve the effect of being indistinguishable from the genuine product.